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The Magic of Used Books

  Posted by Apits

Why used books are so much better than new ones.

5 Books that Weren’t Written in English that Every Book Lover Should Read

  Posted by APITS

A list of foreign language books that are must-reads.

Why it’s Beneficial to Read Books in Other Languages

  Posted by APITS

The benefits of reading books in another language.

Book-Based Movies in 2017

  Posted by A Page in the Sun

We present you with a list of some movies that are based on books that will be released in theatres this year

Best Books to Give This Holiday Season

  Posted by A Page in the Sun

A list of some of the top books in 2016 to help make your Christmas shopping a little easier.

How do people read in Mexico?

  Posted by A Page in the Sun

We tell you about mexicans and their reading habits.

The Joy of Bound Books

  Posted by A Page in the Sun

Why bound books are an endangered species that need to be preserved.

Find your Inner Writer

  Posted by A Page in the Sun

Discover your inner writer and see how starting a journal can benefit you.

Summer Beach Reads for TV Lovers

  Posted by A Page in the Sun

Even diehard TV fans can find a book at A Page in the Sun that will capture their imagination and keep the pages turning.

What Your Reading Style Says About You

  Posted by A Page in the Sun

Find out what your reading style says about you!