What books should you read in 2016?

Several studies show that in Mexico, due to the steady increase in reading in recent generations, books featuring juvenile literature are the most widespread.

That said, we present some books focused on this type of audience so you can start building your list in this 2016:

• The Neverending Story
Written by Michael Ende, this book mixes fiction and reality, woven between the realm of fantasy and the real world. On the one hand, in the fantasy world there is a young warrior named Atreyu whom the Empress asks to find a cure to a disease that is slowly killing her. On the other hand, in the real world, Bastian is an orphan child reading the book that tells the story of fantasy and for whom it gradually becomes more and more like reality.

• My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece
Written by Annabel Pitcher, this book tells the story of James, a 10-year old moving north of London with his separated father and Jasmine, her teenage sister, to start again from scratch. Five years before, Jasmine´s twin sister died in a terrorist attack and although no one in the family has recovered, they have learned not to show pain. James does not feel sad, because for him the ashes resting on the fireplace are just a distant memory and when he sees an ad on TV seeking young people who can sing he decides that his family situation could change.

Are these two books within your required reading for this 2016? What other title would you add to the list? Please share your selections with us.

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