What Your Reading Style Says About You

Did you know that the way you read actually says a lot about who you are?  How you read for pleasure can reflect many different personality traits that you may not even realize.  Are you ready to find out what you reading habits may say about you? 

The Goal Reader

When you get a new book, do you like to have it completed within a week?  You are likely the type of person who likes to switch things up, works hard and keeps to a schedule but makes sure to take time for the things you enjoy.

The Multi-Reader

Always have a few books on the go?  You tend to be indecisive but you deal well with stressful situations and keep your cool.  You are adaptable and have strong problem-solving skills. 

The On the Go Reader

Do you spend your commute to work reading?  Being bored is not an option for you.  You are creative, a day-dreamer and tend to look on the bright side.

The Leisurely Reader

You read a few pages here and there over the course of weeks?  You are a deep thinker and tend to seek out peace and relaxation.

The Speed Reader

Can’t put down a new book until it’s done?  You are a natural leader and like to keep busy…sometimes a little too busy.   And you love making sure friends and family are happy.

The Re-Reader

Keep returning to old favorites?   You are a strong and loyal friend with lifelong friendships.  You aren’t the biggest fan of change and love celebrating with family traditions.

The Emotional Reader

Do you get embarrassed when your book makes you laugh out loud or cry in public?  You live in the moment, you are witty, sometime sarcastic and maybe a little dramatic, but people love you for it.

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