Find your Inner Writer

Whether you have an over-active imagination, or need a way to express your thoughts without talking (or texting) your friend’s ear off, or simply want to discover a new creative outlet – writing is your solution. Creative story-writing, journaling, poetry, or blogging is a fantastic aactivity to add to your daily life.

Here are 5 reasons why you may want to discover your inner writer:

Writing on a regular basis can help improve your communication and relationships. Learning how to express thoughts and emotions with words will facilitate your ability to do so in your day-to-day life. This can also help you solve disagreements with other people because you get a chance to think them over by writing about them first.

Writing can help you to know yourself a little better. Keeping a journal gives you the power to look back on your writing and recognize patterns between the decisions you’ve made and the emotional outcome of those decisions.

You may help inspire someone else. Your story may make a difference. There may be someone out there with whom your writing deeply resonates. Don’t be afraid to share!

 Writing may help expand your vocabulary. Writing is a great way to experiment with new words you’ve heard or read. Using your new word in a sentence can really help your brain retain it even further.

Writing can help you organize your life. You can start a food diary, or a work journal, or simply track your moods. Journaling gives you the power to keep track of anything and everything in your life. Doctors, counsellors and social workers have all agreed that writing is a fantastic way to increase positive mental health and keep your mind, and life, on track. Consider journaling for 20 minutes a day – dand reap the benefits of a clearer mind!

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