The Joy of Bound Books

According to most research, the first bound parchment books were made around the 4th Century A.D. Although, there is plenty of information that suggest that they’ve been around for much longer. Which means we as humans have been enjoying bound books for at least one thousand six hundred years. Books have been the main source of sharing and spreading ideas for millennia. Not only are they an essential part of our history, but they have also been powerful tools for the dissemination of information for a very long time.

Unfortunately, with the arrival of the digital age, bound books have become endangered by a new predatory species: the e-reader. Yes, these pieces of technology come with all the promises of convenience and guarantee a more pleasurable reading experience, and yes they are a more effective way of transporting multiple books at once and of reading in the dark. Nevertheless, there are qualities a bound book offers that no e-reader will ever be able to compete against.      

There is something that is so enchanting about holding a book in your hands and physically turning each page as you devour its words, about feeling the book’s weight shift from one side to the other as you absorb the beauty of the journey that a mere 26 letters arranged in specific order can create, about opening to the first page to begin your adventure, and then closing the cover and sitting back with a sigh while you hold the book in your hands once you’ve come to the end. Then, handing the book to someone else you know will enjoy the same adventure you just had, and knowing that they can then do the same once they’ve experienced the magic.

Our Puerto Vallarta bookstore full heartedly believes that bound books are a majestic species that need to be preserved, which is why we have created a bookstore cafe that offers incredible coffee and a huge selection of quality used books for every reader. Come visit our Romantic Zone bookstore and rediscover the magic and joy of  bound books!

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