How to Create the Perfect Space to Read for Hours

We’ve all done it. We pick up a book with the intention of staying put for at least a few hours after we open that cover, only to realize we forgot something to drink or munch on, or that maybe we’re too cold or too hot, or that it’s starting to get dark.

When planning to sit and read for an extending period of time it’s a great idea to make sure you are in the ideal space and setting to do so. We’ve made a short list of things that we think are the most important elements to have when reading:

Music: Low music is a great element to have when reading a great book, especially if it has no vocals. It can stimulate the imagination or make your reading space feel a little more relaxing.

Light: Reading in the dark is no good. Ever. It can really damage your eye sight and you will most likely end up with a horrid headache half-way through your second chapter.

Food & Beverage: We don’t know about you, but we absolutely love to snack on something delicious while enjoying a good book - whether it be a yummy sandwich or salad, or a freshly baked cookie or muffin. Pair that with a mug of coffee or iced tea and we are happy as can be!

Comfortable Seating: We love to make sure we are sitting or laying down somewhere that won’t have us feeling 150 years old once we decide to get up. Choose a spot that supports your back and pay attention to your body – sometimes it’s a good idea to get up and stretch a little between chapters.

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