Why it’s Beneficial to Read Books in Other Languages

Did you know that studies have shown that the brains of people who speak more than one language operate differently than those who do not? According to physiological studies, speaking two or more languages actually provides many mental benefits and is a valuable asset to the cognitive process.

What better way to learn a different language than to read books?! Not only does reading books in a different language provide cognitive advantages such as memory improvement, multitasking skills, and critical thinking, but it also creates a completely different reading experience.

While the English language can create beautiful imagery and take your mind to extraordinary places – there are things that simply cannot be expressed using English words. Other languages such as Spanish can provide incredible descriptions using words that don’t even exist in English.

Not only do the words themselves create a whole new experience, but most often, authors who are writing in a language other than English have lived through experiences that differ greatly from those experiences lived by authors living in white western cultures. These different experiences can provide a new perspective from which to write from – and for you to live vicariously through reading their book.

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