The Magic of Used Books

Have you ever stopped to think about the magic of used books? About the different stages of wonder that a book may invoke in each reader? Used books have an essence of wisdom and and mysteriousness about them and walking into a used bookstore opens a world of possibilities.


Not only are used books much more affordable than new ones, but they’re also much better for the environment. Buying used books requires less printing for new ones and therefore ends up saving our friends, the trees!


Furthermore, used bookstores need your support, most are locally and privately owned and end up organizing readings, events within the community, and overall most often end up being a fundamental participant in their local neighborhoods in terms of literacy programs, etc.


Another exciting thing about used books is the fact that you’ll never know who has owned them before you. It’s fun to wonder where and when previous owners may have been reading the same page that you just read that put your heart in your throat, and whether or not they felt the same way.


And the best part is, once you’re finished with your book, you can pass it along to someone else! Or bring it into our used bookstore in the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta, and we’ll give you a credit to go towards your newest used book.

At A Page in the Sun, our bookshop in Puerto Vallarta, we have the widest variety of used books available in the area. Come on down to our Romantic Zone cafe to pick one up today and enjoy the magic of books!