Reasons to Join a Book Club

Joining a book club can bring benefits to anyone for essentially anyone for a variety of reasons. Here at A Page in the Sun, a bookstore in the Romantic Zone, we’re a big fan of book clubs for the following reasons:

They’re a great way to meet new people. Joining a book club with strangers can result in the kindling of new friendships and the opportunity to discuss points of view and differences in culture or perspective with people you may not have otherwise connected with.

You may end up reading books you may not have otherwise chosen on your own. Being a part of a book club gives you the opportunity to break out of your regular book choices and lead you to discover different authors and genres.

Book clubs are a perfect excuse to treat yourself to some tasty snacks and beverages. What better excuse to share snacks and some wine or sangria than sitting with a group of people and discussing your latest read?

Look forward to engaging in intellectual discussions on a regular basis. Book clubs give everyone involved the opportunity to discuss and express different points of view, which can end up showing you a different perspective on a book. We love this!

Here at our Romantic Zone Cafe and used bookstore in Puerto Vallarta, not only do we have the widest selection of used books in the area, but we also strongly encourage book clubs to meet in our living-roomesque atmosphere. Order a glass of wine and a tasty treat and talk about the magic of books in Puerto Vallarta!