The Importance of Reading to Your Children

Here at A Page in the Sun, a used bookstore in the Romantic Zone, we believe that reading to your children is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. In order to raise your child to be a future book lover, to have them develop a positive relationship with written word, and to introduce them to the magic of their own imaginations, we recommend you start reading aloud to them as early as possible.

There are many reasons why reading together is a fundamental part of growth as a child, we’ve listed a few below:

Helps to develop language skills. Such as listening and pattern recognition skills -  this sets your child up to learn reading and writing later on.

Reading expands vocabulary. One of the best ways to learn new words is by reading new books - this is true for people of all ages.

Facilitates bonding moments and a stronger relationship. Setting a specific time every day to read to your child gives you both the opportunity to look forward to routinely connecting on a daily basis.

Improves communication skills. Witnessing the way characters interact with one another in stories can help your child learn how to express themselves in a healthier way.

Here at our Romantic Zone Cafe and used bookstore in Puerto Vallarta, not only do we have the widest selection of used books in the area, we also provide a great space to read with your children. Grab some ice cream or a hot chocolate and settle into one of our living-room-like spaces with your little one.