5 Latin Authors You Need to Read This Fall

There are authors from all over the world that have written incredible books that are being translated into almost any language. Everyone can enjoy unique works of art that were written in a language other than their own.

Some of our favorite literature here at our used bookstore in Puerto Vallarta, naturally, is written by latino authors who have harnessed the beauty of the Spanish language. Check out this short list we’ve created of some of our favorite latino authors whose books have been translated into English:

Gabriel Garcia Marquez: A Colombian written known for his masterpiece, 100 Years of Solitude. Though, he has plenty of other works that are simply magical.

Mario Vargas Llosa: A Peruvian author and Nobel Prize winner in Literature. Mario Vargas Llosa has written many incredible books that have come to make him one of the most respected Peruvian authors of the day.

Isabel Allende: A Chilean author whose books aim to pay homage to the lives of brave women all over the world. Known for her books The House of Spirits and The City of Beasts.

Daniel Alarcón: A Peruvian - American author who is known for his Latin american writing tradition Crónica or “Chronicle” which fuzes journalism and and literature. Known for his incredible book Lost City Radio.

Laia Jufresa: A Mexican author who wrote a beautiful story known as Unami. If there’s anything Jufresa can do, it’s tell an incredible story.

Here at A Page in the Sun, our Romantic Zone cafe in Puerto Vallarta, we believe in the magic of used books and the power of literature. Come on down to enjoy a delicious beverage and settle into one of our comfy chairs to read your newly found book.