Why Real Live Books will Always Be Better than Their Digital Versions

Here at A Page in the Sun, we are die-hard fans of real books, especially used ones! Of course, when it comes to new books and educational literature such as textbooks and course booklets, the environmentally friendly option is most definitely eBook format. But when it comes to the novel you’ve been dying to read for years or one of your all-time-favorite books, there is nothing better than having the real thing.

There are so many reasons why bound books are so much better than eBooks. For one, we think any avid book-reader can vouch for the fact that the physical act of turning the pages while devouring a great novel is all part of the fun. It’s almost as if you can’t turn the page fast enough!

Plus, bound books are great for sharing. It’s hard to share eBooks because they generally need to be purchased through individual accounts, making book exchanges between friends and family so much harder.

Another point in favor of bound books is the fact that they do not involve anymore SCREENS. In a day and age where smartphones, computers, and tablets rule our daily lives, how nice is it to curl up with a paperback novel at the end of a busy work day or while on vacation?

What are your reasons for loving bound books? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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