The Impact of Reading on Developing Minds

Here at A Page in the Sun, our Romantic Zone café and used bookstore, many of us are devoted parents who recognize the importance of instilling the love of reading into the hearts and minds of our children. There are studies that have been published for a very long time that prove how astounding of an impact reading can have on developing minds, and there is new information coming out all the time.

Some of the many benefits that we love to share with our children through teaching them our love of books include:

  • Increasing concentration and focus capabilities.
  • The strengthening of neuro-pathways and the formation of new ones in developing brains.
  • Improvement of vocabulary, language and communication skills.
  • The opportunity to explore the expression of emotion and the recognition of those emotions in others.
  • Reading with children from a young age generally improves their capabilities in the education system and results in higher achievements.
  • Reading can help develop creativity and imagination.

Considering the many benefits creating the habit of reading can provide to your children, it’s easy to realize that it should most definitely be a priority in your home. In addition to all the benefits listed above, reading with your children also creates a bonding moments that can remembered for a lifetime.

Here are some easy ways to nurture habit of reading with your children:

  • Let them choose their own books: This is so important! You may not be into the book they want, but allowing them to choose will increase engagement.
  • Pack books for on the go: Next time you’re sitting on the bus or waiting for an appointment. Take the opportunity to pull out the book and show them that reading doesn’t just happen at home.
  • Give books as gifts: This will teach the value of books to your children. Another fun way to give books is to organize a scavenger hunt that ends in them finding a new book.
  • Hang out at the library: What better way to teach children to love books than by surrounding them with thousands of them!

One of the most important ways to instill the love of reading in your children is also for them to see you reading! Come check out our coffee shop and used bookstore in Old Town Puerto Vallarta as a place for you to find books for you and your family, and even share a snack while you dive into the newest find!