A Look Behind The Scenes of A Page in the Sun

Besides being one of the most well-known used bookstores in Puerto Vallarta, A Page in the Sun has been an iconic café-bookstore in the Romantic Zone for over 20 years. Beginning its journey with just one single rotating bookshelf in a shared retail space near the beach over two decades ago, the space has grown exponentially to now offer thousands of used books in a variety of genres and languages.

Not only has the café grown to be a community space that hosts all kinds of gatherings, music events, book clubs, board meetings, etc., but it is also a place where people can come time and time again to feel at home and pampered by its owners and founders and their team.

Here are a few interesting behind the scenes facts about the founders’ love for books, and their motivation to open such an iconic bookstore:

What inspired you to open a used bookstore / coffee shop?

-          Our mother started her very own used bookstore, and after she passed it was her love for books and all her stories that inspired me to continue. My sister and I then joined the coffee business and became partners, and well…the rest is history.

How do you help someone find the perfect book?

-          By getting a little background on the person. We ask who they’ve read and who their favourite authors are, and then try to recommend something similar.

What are your top favourite books?

-          There are so many…and they are so personal. I think books are special in their time and place, and who you shared them with. Books can create different bonds between people who share them together, and that makes them unforgettable and so special.

While visiting beautiful Puerto Vallarta, be sure to check out our used bookstore in the Romantic Zone; a Puerto Vallarta icon for over two decades. Our Puerto Vallarta coffee shop offers thousands of used books to choose from, plus all kinds of comfy spots to settle down with a new book. Plus, check out our full menu with sandwiches, salads and more at our Romantic Zone café in Old Town Puerto Vallarta!