Winter Reads You Won’t be Able to Put Down This Holiday Season

The time has come: the coziest season of the year. There’s something so special about settling down with a mug of hot chocolate or a glass of red wine, wearing your favorite socks or basking in the warmth of a lit fireplace…

Of course, we believe all of the above can only best be done with the perfect winter reads to compliment the coziest winter moments. So we’ve compiled a short list of winter reads that we think shouldn’t be missed:

  1. If you like to enjoy a good fantasy every now and then, while also valuing a great plot then A Curious Matter of Men with Wingsby F. Rutledge Hammes is the perfect winter holiday story to immerse yourself into. A girl is kidnapped by winged men causing a mother to craft her own wings to follow in pursuit of her daughter along with her two sons. A story full of mythology, folklore, and a little bit of fairy tale.
  1. We all enjoy a good twist, which is exactly what you’ll find in J.T. Ellison’s Tear Me Apart. An Olympic dreamer, Mindy, has a horrific accident on a ski hill that may end her dream career before it even starts. While in treatment, it is discovered that she has leukemia. Both of Mindy’s parents offer to donate stem cells for treatment without a second thought, only to find out that neither of them are actually blood relatives to Mindy at all…
  1. What’s a winter reading list without a good thriller? The Lying Woods by Ashley Elston is nothing short of an engrossing page-turner. After finding out that his entire elite childhood was funded by illegal money laundering and embezzlement, Owen Foster must finish the rest of his senior year at the local high school. Not only do he and his mother have to deal with threats and hatred as a result of his father’s crimes, he has to decipher the cryptic note his father left before disappearing into thin air.

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