Did You Know You Can Join a Book Club Online?

Although our love for books may be irrefutable, sometimes the busyness of life can get in the way. Book clubs are a fantastic way to meet and discuss amazing books with friends a like-minded people; but having the time to make it to the meetings is not always a possibility for us.

Fortunately, we’ve found a list of online book clubs that give you the opportunity to discuss books without having to go anywhere! This opportunity is perfect for those who are busy, or maybe a bit shy, or who are traveling too much to make it to regular discussion meetings.

Next time you’re wanting to join a book club, why not take a few minutes to check these out?

Book Baristas:
This online book club operates mostly from Instagram, and all you need to do to join is follow them! New books are posted every few days to their feed with some information about the book and questions that encourage conversation around the book. Members of the club can connect through Facebook, or through the hashtags #bookbaristas and #bunchofbookbaristas.

PureWow Book Club:
Every month, the PureWow Book Club chooses a guest host to lead a focus on reading and discussing the book of the month. Their Instagram feed features posts related to the book of the month and other book lover’s content. Every Wednesday they host a giveaway where a lucky someone will win the book recommendation of the week or the book of the month. Find them on Facebook too!

Poppy Loves Book Club:
Created by women for women, Poppy Loves Book Club choses a book on a monthly basis, that is then discussed on Facebook Live on the final Wednesday of every month. You can find out about the book of the month on their website, as well as on their Instagram and Facebook pages. The cool thing about this book club is that while it’s available online everywhere, it’s available offline in many cities around the world too!

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