5 Romantic Novels to Read During the Month of Love

Love is a topic that is addressed countless times in literature. It will always be exciting to know how the story of those who meet and get hooked will end. Generally, we expect a happy and hopeful ending ... although, in literature there are all kinds of endings.

Enjoy February, the month of love, with a good romantic novel and get caught up in the stories of its characters. Below, we present a selection of romantic novels written at different times, of authors who have made - and are making - very prominent contributions in the genre:

1.- A Heart so Wild, by North American author, born in Germany, Johanna Lindsey. The plot unfolds in the Old West, where Courtney and Chandos live a reckless story that will surely impress you.

2.- A Rose in Winter by Kathleen Woodiwiss tells the story of Erienne, a young woman who will have to solve a love dilemma of the time.

3.- Cuando Amanezca, by Ebony Clark, pseudonym used by the Spanish author Cristina Carvias, presents a story set in the Victorian era, in which its protagonists will discover that the best stories develop beyond appearances.

4.- Pride and Prejudice. You could not miss in this selection a novel by the lovely Jane Austin, who has captivated us for years with her beautiful stories, several of them taken to the movies, as is the case of the idyll between Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam.

5.- Wuthering Heights, written by Emily Brontë, is a classic of English literature that, if you have not read it yet, this is an excellent opportunity. If you already read it, relive the most exciting moments of this story that has been a source of inspiration for film and television.

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