3 Essential Books on Emotional Intelligence

Undoubtedly, having a wide reserve of Emotional Intelligence is essential to overcome difficult moments. Current circumstances have tested the mental and emotional resources of more than one person. Taking advantage of the fact that it is important to read books in this stage of reinventing routines at home, below, we share 3 books that are essential to get to know in depth what Emotional Intelligence means and the importance of strengthening it:

  • Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman. It is an emblematic book, which indicates that developing this intelligence is equal to or more important than the IQ itself. Goleman, a psychologist and journalist for the New York Times, provides a horizon to understand emotions, their role in the happiness and social success of the individual.
  • Educating with Emotional Intelligence by Maurice J. Tobias, Steven E. and Friedl Elias. If you have children at home, reading this book will provide you with some guidelines for managing your kids’ emotions in a healthy way and helping them build balanced relationships with others, as well as their own tools to support them in conflict resolution.
  • The Compass for Emotional Navigators by Elsa Punset. Through her own experiences in her children’s education, the author brings us closer to the world of Emotional Intelligence with a view to forming adults who find their own balance, as well as the sources of various emotions, their processing and the way to personal realization.

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