10 tips to take on life after quarantine

Once the quarantine is over and activities resume, you may want to go out and do a million things. Surely you already have a list of activities to do, places to visit, friends to see, etc. Even though you followed a routine before confinement, returning to it can be a shocking event.

Therefore, we share 10 tips to address post confinement, which we hope will be useful to you:

  1. Take it easy. Yes, we know that you want to "eat the world" but it is important that you take it easy so as not to generate stress when you want to carry out "your list of activities to do after quarantine".
  2. Follow each and every instruction of gatherings and sanitary measures to a t in every place you visit.
  3. Be patient. You will not be the only person who will want to go out into the world and it is important to take into account the rules that each business and / or place will implement to comply with current sanitary measures.
  4. Reunite with your loved ones. Give a new meaning to a live chat, without cellphones or electronic devices involved.
  5. If your sleep cycle has been affected, begin to readjust it little by little so that it won't be difficult for you to return to your activities after quarantine.
  6. Watch a sunset. Disconnect and observe each color, each nuance and be grateful for something positive that has happened to you.
  7. If you live in a beach destination, go for a walk. Enjoy the sand on your feet, the sound of the waves and take a deep breath.
  8. Don’t worry if you gained a few pounds from confinement. Resume or implement an outdoor exercise routine. Be patient with your body, it also takes time to re-acclimate to the outside.
  9. Keep the good habits you have acquired in quarantine and continue reading the books you picked up and online courses you are taking. The end of quarantine is no reason to abandon them. With a good dose of creativity, you can incorporate them into the post-quarantine routine.
  10. Adjust your expectations. Maybe you want to resume your routine as you left it. Consider that different dynamics in the world will have changed after quarantine. Try to welcome these changes calmly.

 Remember that we will come out of this stage stronger and we’ll be waiting for you with open arms.

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