10 Facts That Will Make You Love Coffee Even More

The hot mug transmits its warmth to your hands; the smell that announces the comfortable experience when drinking your first sip is released. Oh yes, it’s your morning coffee, the cup with that drink that accompanies you at the beginning of your activities.

We know that many stories have emerged around your cup of coffee and have become unique moments that you collect in your memory. This silent witness has its own story.

That is why, below we present 10 facts for you to love coffee even more:

1.- It has antioxidant effects that decrease cellular deterioration and retard aging.

2.- Coffee has gone through a long history until it reaches your cup. Ethiopia and Yemen dispute their origin.

3.- It stimulates memory and concentration, since it activates nerve impulses thanks to its active ingredient: caffeine.

4.- The first harvest in the Antilles was in 1726.

5.- Releases dopamine, a hormone responsible for brain functions involved with euphoria and cognition.

6.- It is a diuretic and relieves constipation.

7.- From the Antilles, it arrived to Veracruz, Mexico around 1790. From Guatemala it arrived to Chiapas and from Yemen it arrived to Michoacán.

8.- The first coffee shop was founded at the end of the 18th century in Mexico City.

9.- It is believed that the shepherd's goats discovered the fruits of the coffee tree.

10.- Since chocolate was so big in our country, the taste for coffee was not an immediate hit. However, today they coexist and together they form delicious mixtures.

 So, now you know, when you take a sip of your coffee, you will be tasting a piece of its history.

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