How to take unforgettable pictures when you are able to travel again

Taking pictures has become an almost second nature activity in recent times, especially with the rise of social media. We love to share moments, details, situations that mean something, or a lot, to us.

With the invention of the daguerreotype in 1839 the development of photography began, but it was not until 2009 that its day of commemoration was instituted. Thus, the Day of Photography is celebrated in August as a worldwide reminder of the importance and impact it has on our lives, memory and history.

The heyday of digital cameras, and therefore the revolutionized cameras on cell phones, have given way to the proliferation of images that flood various platforms.

So, if you want to positively impact the eyes of your followers, you better practice and master basic tips to take unforgettable pictures. When you are able to go on a trip again and you visit beautiful tourist places like Puerto Vallarta or The Riviera Nayarit, you will be able to capture moments that will surely amaze more than one:

 1.-Know the technical specifications of your camera or cell phone. Dedicate your attention to verify what technical resources the equipment you are going to use has, so you will know what to expect from your photographs. Check the capacity of your memory cards.

2.-Take your time. If you are in a tourist place, arrive early to its emblematic sites, so you can have a broad view of the dynamics that occur in those places and capture magical moments.

3.-Observe and interact with the environment and people. Look at the colors, shades and lights that flood the place. Locate what fragment of that space you would like to capture and perceive what that particular moment makes you feel.

4.-Try different angles. Do not be embarrassed to adopt postures or even move from one place to another, just remember that you will not be the only person who will take pictures, so make sure you do not get in the way of other tourists’ pictures.

5.- Expand your creativity. Keep your senses alert so that you capture those moments that will make your photographs special.

6.-Take care of the framing and composition. There is a rule called "the rule of thirds" that will help you take harmonious pictures. This consists of imagining two vertical lines and two horizontal lines that make up a grid. Then, locate the object or person you want to photograph near one of the four points where the lines intersect in that imaginary grid and voila!

7.-Respect the ecosystem. Yes, we know that you want to take wonderful pictures and that perhaps, you want a certain flora or fauna to appear in them. However, there are animals or plants that can suffer irreparable damage if you remove them from their environment. Look around you, surely you can take other types of photos without interfering with the ecosystem.

8.-Situate yourself in an outdoor cafe or restaurant. Sometimes, sitting down to enjoy a coffee gives you the opportunity to calmly look at the customs, the people passing by, the sunset and thus, find the moment you’ve been waiting for  to take your dream photo.

9.-Walk. Get to know the cities and their places by foot. Surround yourself with its streets and trails. Capture the details and put them on your pictures.

10.-Ask for permission. If you want to take photos of certain people in the place you visit, make sure you have their consent.

11.-Enjoy. Taking pictures shouldn’t have to become mechanical. If at first the shots you are expecting don’t come out, don’t be discouraged, you will achieve it over time. It’s only a matter of practice and sharpening your power of observation.

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