Facts you may not have known about Leona Vicario, heroic woman in the Independence of Mexico

In the month of September we celebrate the National Holidays: the Independence of Mexico is commemorated. Even though due to COVID-19 celebrations may be modified, in accordance with health protocols, books will always be a great source of inspiration and knowledge that will bring you closer to the lives of important people and momentous events.

Here are some facts that you may not have known about Leona Vicario, one of the many heroic women who had a leading role in the Independence of Mexico:

  • She was born in New Spain (today Mexico) in 1789 and her full name is: María de la Soledad Leona Camila Vicario Fernández de San Salvador.
  • She received a remarkable education, a rare custom in women of the time. Intellectual education was intended for men.
  • She was orphaned as a teenager. An uncle managed her inheritance and, although he was a neighbor of Leona, she lived alone, something also rare for a woman of that time.
  • She was about to marry Octaviano Obregón. The beginning of the War of Independence prevented her from marrying on that occasion. However, she did later marry Andrés Quintana Roo.
  • She became an informant for the insurgents, the group that detonated independence. She even supported them by donating some of her assets.
  • When it was discovered that she was an informant, she was arrested and held in a convent.
  • She managed to escape from her seclusion with the help of some members of the Independence movement.
  •  After her escape, she fled to Oaxaca and joined the ranks of José María Morelos y Pavón, leader of the War of Independence.
  • Leona Vicario's assets were confiscated by the viceregal authorities.
  • She collaborated with some newspapers of the time and is considered the first female journalist in Mexico.
  • Her biographers agree that she was a brave, intelligent, disciplined and very beautiful woman.

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