Get to know the 7 benefits of writing an emotional journal

Have you ever heard of an emotional journal? It consists of registering every day the situations that trigger your change of mood and the manifestations of this change. It is about writing exactly how you feel under various circumstances. It turns out that sometimes we experience a certain disconnection from ourselves and the journal allows us to reconnect and recognize ourselves in different settings.

These abnormal times have shown us the importance of having adequate emotional management. One way to begin that journey of self-awareness is through an emotional journal. The first step is to choose where you are going to write; Although you can use the computer, tablet or your cell phone, we suggest you use pen and paper and to avoid distractions and promote your concentration.

Here are 7 benefits of writing an emotional journal, so you can run and get your favorite notebook and start today:

  • Expression. Express what you feel without self-censorship! Decorate it, make a collage, even draw whatever comes to mind. Remember that this journal is your space.
  • Without tags. Some emotions are stigmatized as a sign of "weakness". Discard those stigmas, acknowledge those emotions, and give them a voice.
  • Dialogue. The diary represents a space to encourage dialogue with yourself, as if you were talking with your best friend.
  • Awareness. It allows you to know the range of emotions that you can manifest in certain situations and what each emotion wants to tell you.
  • A mirror. Yes, it can happen that you are surprised to become aware of a certain emotion that you may feel, perhaps because you have a preconceived idea of ​​yourself. Avoid judging yourself, remember that you have already taken the first step towards an emotional management that generates well-being.
  • Solutions. Add in your journal a part in which you describe how you would have liked to act in a certain situation. This allows you to visualize the possibilities that you have, as well as the ingredient of flexibility to solve or face each scenario.
  • Strength. Without a doubt, recognizing yourself and knowing that you may have other options in your range of emotions to face your challenges, will strengthen your self-esteem.

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