Coffee Consumption In Times Of Home Office

The current situation has taught us, among many aspects, to enjoy the small pleasures of life. A very special one for many people in Mexico and the world is a good cup of coffee. It is estimated that 35 billion cups of coffee are consumed in Mexico every year, while the average annual per capita consumption is 1.6 kg.

Even though in the last 10 years there had been an increase in coffee consumption in coffee shops and specialty stores, since the beginning of the current pandemic coffee consumption has remained at home.

 As we can see, coffee is a very important drink in our daily and work life. Today, it's hard to imagine a home without coffee or an office without its coffee corner. Coffee helps us concentrate, gives us energy, provides the comfort of a hot drink, and can even be an important part of a creative process.

 Here are some tips to improve this everyday experience in times of work confinement:

  • Forget about supermarket brands. Above all, instant coffee, since it contains added sugars, preservatives and shows a decrease in natural grains, to the point that it should not even be called coffee. On the other hand, the grounded coffee offered in supermarkets can also contain too many preservatives, artificial odorants, their roasting and grinding date is not specified in some brands, which questions their quality of freshness. Although the quarantine has increased the consumption of instant coffee in homes, we invite you to take the time and experiment with other options.
  • Experiment with different providers. Currently, through e-commerce you can access options from different parts of Mexico and different producers. Look for small brands that guarantee toasting date, type of cherry, height, etc. Experiment with different coffee growing areas, not only in Veracruz and Chiapas; States like Nayarit, Jalisco, Oaxaca, Guerrero, and Puebla, just to name a few, also produce very good coffee. The closer the producer is to your location, the fresher your coffee will be.
  • Try other extraction methods. At home, perhaps the most normal thing is to use the traditional coffee maker. However, you can break the routine and prepare coffee in different ways. Give yourself the time to try new ways. The most practical and easy methods are the pot coffee and the French press. I guarantee that the taste will be very different with each method.
  • If you have a capsule machine, buy the refillable capsules. In addition to helping the environment, you can put the above tips into practice.

 These are just some basic tips that you can try at home, without elevating your designated coffee budget. Undoubtedly, you will improve your experience in this ritual of every office worker during your work hours. If you are a coffee lover, this may be the beginning to deepen your knowledge about this stimulating drink.

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