Boost of Your Creativity with These Tips

When creativity accompanies us, we feel safe and happy. We love that feeling of having "a creative answer" to any puzzle or challenge. Other times, creativity simply leaves without saying goodbye and when we call for it, it “ghosts us”. We feel lost without it and we think that the ideas that emerge are dull.

We are excited to share with you these tips to boost your creativity (and prevent it from leaving):

1.-Back to the Basics:

  • Keep your workplace clean and tidy; and all spaces in general (even more so in these times). In addition, it will be easier for you to locate the things you need to carry out your activities.
  • Keep spaces ventilated and work with natural light. This helps you send oxygen to the brain, increase concentration and memory.
  • Exercise, eat healthy, and sleep well. It is commonly known that exercise boosts your oxygen, relaxes and helps release endorphins, serotonin and dopamine, the hormones of well-being and euphoria. Getting a good sleep revitalizes the brain and your whole body. Having a balanced diet will be the proper fuel that will generate those great ideas.
  • Drink coffee. Besides having antioxidant effects and being a delicious drink, it releases hormones that stimulate concentration.

2.- Train yourself and learn new skills:

  • Read, read, read. Get inspired by reading. Don’t stick just to your usual study areas, read from other topics. Do not rule out any possibility. There may be gems hidden in books that you might never have considered.
  • Watch documentaries. There are various platforms with many options that can be a source of inspiration. Learn to “read between the lines."
  • Take a course. With the pandemic, there has been an explosion of courses, conferences, diplomas and a number of digital resources to expand your knowledge.
  • Make a list of your areas of knowledge, skills, and explore your own resources. Locate your weak points and set mini goals to strengthen them.

3.- Change your attitude:

  • Dare yourself! Give up fear. Rather than fight the fear of criticism, recognize your strengths and enhance them. Stage fright will (almost) always be there, just keep it from shadowing your "spotlight."
  • Go easy on perfectionism. If you hope to have “the perfect idea,” maybe good opportunities might slip away. Of course, it is not about showing unprofessional projects. However, you are more likely to polish that unsettling idea if it manages to see the light.
  • Say, “No!” to procrastination. Build a discipline. Make sure you have a rhythm and routine that keeps your activities stable. If there are tasks you can do today, do them.
  • Meditate; If you feel like you are about to have a nervous breakdown, breathe and meditate. There are many podcasts, videos or applications with guided meditations. It is only a matter of dedicating between 5 and 15 minutes a day.

4.-Exercise your imagination:

  • Play. We are not just talking about video games. Doing puzzles or trying a game of specific skills can help. Perhaps you saw the Queen's Gambit and it motivated you to buy your first chess board. Maybe in your childhood you got a board as a gift, you learned some lessons and put it away. Pick it up again.
  • Draw. Even if it is not a skill that you have identified, try drawings of geometric figures or coloring mandalas. The goal is to exercise your imagination.
  • Write down any ideas. Trust me, if you don't save it, it'll go away later. Write it down on your cell phone, a small notebook that you usually have with you or record a voice note.
  • Have soliloquies. Do not be afraid to talk to yourself, you are not going crazy. Expressing your ideas and concerns consciously, helps you structure them.
  • Observe your surroundings in silence. There are a number of stories of inventors who have yelled “Eureka!” that endorse the effectiveness of this point.

Remember: the main thing is that you have patience and get involved in what you are passionate about and surely, you will achieve the development of your creativity. Also, it will never leave you with only a “read” notification below your message.

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