World Book Day: some great benefits of reading

The company of a good book is more than a hobby. The renowned author of the majestic saga A Song of Ice and Fire, George RR Martin says: "A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies ... He who does not read only lives one." There are many benefits of reading that maybe you didn´t know about, but every time you browse through any kind of text, you take advantage of them without even knowing.

Regarding April 23, World Book and Copyright Day, we want you to know the power of reading, especially during these times of pandemic and confinement, in which it is important to keep our mind and imagination busy in activities that expand our creativity and help us achieve our goals and dreams.

In the name of the love of reading, we share its following benefits:

  • Neural connection. It helps to generate neuronal plasticity, which causes strong links between different groups of these cells, especially those related to language management.
  • Stimulates communication. Indeed, reading provides you with tools that enrich your vocabulary and the proper structuring of ideas, which contributes to optimal communication with others.
  • You avoid diseases. Adopting the habit of reading prevents the development of diseases such as Alzheimer's, since, through this wonderful activity, you train memory and increase what is called "cognitive reserve", which is nothing more than a kind of " mental capital” that your brain will take advantage of when you grow up.

•Mental agility. People who read have more capacity to solve problems, in addition, it increases the IQ and encourages abstract and logical thinking.

  • Encourages focus and creativity. Reading helps to focus your attention and expand your mind. Books are great sources of inspiration that exercise creativity and cause you to think “outside the box”.
  • They help to empathize. By putting yourself in the shoes of a certain character or characters, you understand the feelings and circumstances of others. This helps you transfer those levels of understanding to others.
  • It relaxes you and makes you happy. It disconnects you from the outside world and connects you with your inner world; reduces heart rate and contributes to better rest. In addition, finishing a book gives you satisfaction and high doses of contentment.

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