Get To Know The Art Galleries Of Puerto Vallarta

There are countless art galleries in Puerto Vallarta. In fact, there are walking tours of the many works of art you can find scattered around the city streets! With so many options, this can be overwhelming for the average connoisseur. Here we will introduce you to a few options that can provide a variety of different experiences. Whether you are looking for a raw, museum-like experience, or would like to stroll around with a coffee or a glass of wine while admiring beautiful pieces of art, these should be a great way to get you started.

Galleria Uno is one of Puerto Vallarta’s top-rated art galleries. Since 1971, Puerto Vallarta's original gallery represents contemporary artists living and working in Mexico. Styles ranging from abstract sculptures to modern paintings, this gallery has some incredible pieces, all fitting into a big, open venue. This gallery is not an experience to be missed by art lovers.

Caballito De Mar has an emphasis on textiles and ceramics. Carefully choosing a focus on a fair-trade collection of art, both large and small, each piece is deeply rooted in various cultures from around Mexico. Their goal is to locate and support Mexican artists, history, and beauty. For all of you ceramic lovers, this is the place for you.

Galleria Dante: Starting out as an Italian pizza restaurant called “Pizza Joe” in 1988, Claire and Joe Guarniere’s love of art quickly took over their passion for the restaurant. Nowadays Galleria Dante is Puerto Vallarta’s largest fine art gallery. Exhibiting over 60 well-known or emerging artists, 85% of which are Mexican-born, the countless pieces of art are spread throughout the 8 room venue in a “salon” style.

In 2013 this gallery also opened Di Vino Dante, a wine and tapas bar overlooking the sculpture garden, rotating art through the restaurant which gives you the opportunity to purchase art while enjoying a glass of wine or a cocktail.

A Page In The Sun: Finally we have our own gallery. Although we are known mostly for our delicious breakfasts and being the cafe-library of Puerto Vallarta, we have also taken a step into the art scene of our city. Now you can enjoy a cup of organic, locally grown, and roasted Mexican coffee, while also perusing the various paintings and sculptures spread throughout our shop, and don’t forget to grab a book on the way out!

There are so many art galleries in this city that it would be difficult to see them all! But the good thing about that is, there will be a gallery that piques your interest considering the diversity of art that is available throughout our city. Hopefully, this blog will help you get started on your exploration of the great art galleries of Puerto Vallarta!

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