The Importance of World Book Day and How to Celebrate

World Book Day happens every year on April 23rd to recognize and celebrate the works and contributions of authors from all over the world, as well as encourage people to continue to read and broaden their literary horizons.

World Book Day falls on this date because of the many prominent authors who have either died or been born on this day. These authors include William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes who both died on April 23rd, along with Manuel Meija Vallejo and Maurice Druon who were born on April 23rd.

Of course, with the world becoming more and more digitized, it is important to show the kids that reading is still cool. World Book Day is a great way to encourage kids to read at a young age, which can develop into a life-lasting hobby and inspire all kinds of interesting possibilities and habits.

Sure, World book day is known for its fun, book-themed events in schools and libraries, but it is also important to be celebrated between friends and family. If you’re looking for new ways to celebrate this wonderful day, here are some tips to get you started:

  • Set some personal goals/challenges:

Challenge yourself to some reading challenges! Push yourself to explore new genres and authors, and maybe set a goal to read a certain amount over the course of a month.

  • Encourage your friends to part-take:

Encouraging those who don’t read so much to check out some books with you might help them create an interest! Sometimes all people need is a little help finding something that they would be interested in reading.

  • Create/or Join a Book Club:

Creating or joining a book club is a fantastic way to bring together some of your friends, or meet some new ones, and be able to share the experience of enjoying a book. Book clubs can spark new interests and create new bonds through captivating conversation and a shared love for reading.

  • Facilitate a book exchange:

Too busy for a book club? Look online or ask friends if they would be interested in getting together for a book exchange. Not only will you receive all kinds of interesting recommendations, but it's also a great way to share some of your favorites.

With plenty of used books to choose from in our cafe library and many people who would be excited to share some recommendations, A Page In The Sun is the perfect place to celebrate World Book Day. Remember to bring a friend!

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