The Houses of Famous Writers.

Throughout history, many writers have left their mark on the world of literature. These "wizards" of words build their works (usually) in their intimate spaces, where they let their creativity flow. For this reason, their homes or their legacy are usually shared with the public to learn about their figure, their habits, and “their universe”.

We present some options for travelers who love culture and books, these can be perfect places to visit:

Maison de Victor Hugo

Located in the prestigious Place de Vosges, in the heart of the Marais (Jewish) district, in Paris. Victor Hugo's house invites visitors to enter the privacy of the writer who lived on the second floor of this mansion from 1832 to 1848, where he wrote a large portion of his famous work "Les Miserables" along with some of his most important works.

Shakespeare’s Birthplace

Where the most famous writer, actor, and poet in English literature was born. It is the birthplace, workshop, and farmhouse of Bill Shakespeare himself and has long since become a very touristy place in London. It is located on Henley Street and is a beautiful house, typical of the 16th century “timber-framed” housing, which has been very well restored.

Fiodor Dostoievski Museum.

Memorial museum of one of the most memorable Russian writers, the creator of "Crime and Punishment" and "The Karamazov Brothers". It is located in the city of Saint Petersburg and the house is shown in its original state.

House museum of Gabriel García Márquez

Aracataca is the hometown of Gabriel García Márquez and his house has now been converted into a museum, which meticulously recreates the spaces where this famous Colombian Nobel Prize winner spent his childhood. The house has fourteen rooms, characteristic of Caribbean homes from the first half of the 20th century, the place where the writer produced a good part of his literary creations. If you visit this place, perhaps you can find the real Macondo.

Museum of Charles Dickens

Located in the Holborn district of London, the capital of England. It occupies a typical Georgian row house, which was the home of this famous realist writer. Spread over four floors, the museum has the world's largest collection of paintings, rare editions, manuscripts, original furniture, and other items related to the life and work of Dickens. Perhaps the best sample is the portrait of Dickens known as Dream Dickens by RW Buss, an original illustrator for The Pickwick Papers.

The Poe Museum

Opened in 1922, in The Old Stone House, the museum is just blocks from his first home in Richmond, Virginia, and his first place of employment, the Southern Literary Messenger newspaper. The Poe Museum holds one of the largest collections of Poe memorabilia in the world, many of which are currently on display. Poe fans will enjoy seeing the cane he accidentally left behind in Richmond less than two weeks before his mysterious death to the key found in his pocket during his delirious final days. This key was the one that allowed him to open the trunk in which he kept his few possessions.

There are hundreds of museum houses in the literary world. At A page in the sun, we are preparing the second part of this blog.