Discover the art of preparing coffee with the authentic Italian coffee maker

For this reason, we want to dedicate this post to lovers of traditional coffee, those who are faithful to the Italian coffee maker. A classic that, indeed, many people have or have wanted to buy one of these coffee makers.

Six easy steps to prepare the best coffee:

Choose the best raw material: The quality of the coffee is crucial. Use freshly ground coffee and avoid roasted coffee.

Check the rubber of the coffee maker: Make sure that the rubber of the coffee maker is white and in good condition.

Water is essential: Finding the right balance may seem simple, but it is not always. If your coffee maker does not have a mark indicating the water level, you can follow the Italian trick: fill the coffee maker halfway up the valve.

Let the coffee flow without pressure: The coffee should fall smoothly into the coffee pot.

Constant heat over low heat: Make sure to maintain a constant temperature as the coffee brews. Avoid sudden changes in temperature, as they could affect its flavor. Also, keep the lid open during the process and close it when you notice it starting to rise.

Stir before serving: Few know that coffee must be gently mixed with a spoon inside the coffee pot itself before being served.

And with these key steps, you will be ready to enjoy the best coffee. But there is one last detail: wash the coffee pot with hot water after each use and avoid using soap. Thus, the coffee will taste even more delicious in the next preparations.

 There is nothing like waking your senses with the aroma and flavor of authentic coffee made in an Italian coffee maker. Discover the art of enjoying each cup at its best!