Irish Coffee: Legends, Film, and Literature

Do you like Irish coffee? The combination of coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and whipped cream can be tempting on a rainy afternoon with a good book. Sit back to learn about one of the most popular urban legends, the origin of Irish coffee.

The Legend of Irish Coffee

Joe Sheridan and the Weary Travelers is one of the most popular Irish coffee stories dating back to the 20th century. Legend has it that Joe Sheridan brewed a different type of coffee for weary travelers on a cold winter's night at Foynes Airport in Limerick, Ireland.

Joe added Irish whiskey, brown sugar, and whipped cream to the coffee. Travelers were impressed by its unique taste and asked what the drink was called. Jokingly, Joe replied: Irish coffee. It is said that from there the drink became popular as a comfort drink. Although there is no evidence that the story is true, it is one of the best-known and has endured over time.

Irish Coffee: On Screens and Pages

Today, Irish coffee has variations, some of which substitute whiskey for other spirits, flavor combinations, and presentation techniques to personalize the drink. But the final touch that never goes missing is the whipped cream, delicately floating at the top of the beverage.

International Irish Coffee Day is celebrated on January 25, when lovers of Irish Coffee around the world gather to enjoy the iconic drink.

Here is a list of various literary works, movies and series in which Irish coffee is referenced:

1. Movie “The Godfather III (1990). Michael Corleone, a character played by Al Pacino, enjoys an Irish coffee while chatting with his lawyer. 

2. Book "Dubliners" (1914). Irish writer James Joyce tells the story of two young men who go out of exclusion through the city of Dublin. During their walk, they enter a cafe where one of them orders an Irish coffee and the other a latte.

3. “Friends” series (Season 6 - episode 24). Rachel makes Irish coffee for Ross to comfort him after a bad work experience.

4. Movie Jerry Maguire (1996). In a scene where the protagonists share an intimate moment and the Irish coffee appears in that transition.

5. Book "Dublin" by Edward Rutherfurd. In casual conversation they refer to Irish coffee as a popular drink in the area.

6. Film "The men who did not love women" (2009). Irish coffee is mentioned in a meeting.

7. Series “How I met your mother” (Season 5 - episode 11). Barney agrees to quit smoking, but becomes addicted to Irish coffee.

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