A Duel of Love Stories: What is your Favorite Romantic Novel?

This month dedicated to love and friendship, at A Page In The Sun, we are excited to discover which romantic novels are the most popular. So make yourself a delicious drink or, even better, come visit us to immerse yourself in this exciting duel of love stories.

My Island - Elísabet Benavent

This story revolves around Maggie, a girl who enjoys her moments of tranquility and peace, and is reluctant to love. Everything takes a turn when Alejandro appears, who creates a whirlwind of emotions and possibilities feeling love again. It’s not the typical love story, both are avoiding romantic interests, focusing solely on themselves. However, fate has the unexpected in store for them. “My Island” holds melancholic stories of love and passion, clearly showing the emotional ups and downs, painting pictures of hatred and self-destruction.

Elísabeth Benavent, also known as Beta Coqueta, a Spanish writer who has captivated her readers with more than 21 books. The Valeria saga stands out as one of her greatest successes; in fact, Netflix produced a series based on it. Pairing Valeria with our Tropical Breeze smoothie will have you glued to the pages of this fantastic love story.

Flowers from the Storm - Laura Kinsale

Recognized as one of the most brilliant and seductive men in high society, he plunged into a world of silence and madness. She, a spinster from a Protestant Christian family, is the only one who realizes what the evil that afflicts him really is. She becomes the angel that is needed to save him from a fate worse than death. She sees this as a call from God, a mission entrusted to her that she cannot refuse. Readers will read the birth, growth and evolution of love between two imperfect beings. The author manages to paint a vivid portrait of the social reality of mentally ill people at the mercy of the institutions of the time.

Laura Kinsale is a prominent American writer of romantic literature. She left her profession as a biologist to begin writing at the age of 35 and has been awarded the Romance Novel Authors Association of the United States award. Among her best-known works are “Prince of Midnight,” “For my Lady’s Heart,” “Shadowheart,” and more. A simple machiatto with a brownie will be the perfect combo to start this book.

How the Duke was Won - Leonora Bell

Charlene, the unrecognized daughter of an earl and a courtesan, is faced with a proposal that could alter the future of her family: marrying the indomitable Duke Harland, while posing as her half-sister, known as Lady Dorothea. However, when secrets are revealed and passion overflows, the duke will find himself at a crossroads, maybe the perfect one for him isn’t who he thought. Meanwhile, Charlene will face gambling her whole on whether or not this new life is really worth it.

Lenora Bell is an award-winning author, recognized for her best-selling historical novels. Bell grew up in a small Alaskan town with no electricity or movie theater, but instead, a large library. Of all her books, only How the Duke was Won and If I Only Had a Duke have been translated into Spanish. Our Irish coffee is a great choice for this read, but if you're craving something to munch on, try a Greek omelette!

What is your favorite romantic novel?

Which of these romantic novels do you want to read? Have you already read any of them? We look forward to your visit this month of Valentines day! In our café-bookstore, you can enjoy some alone time with a good book, such as a romantic novel, chat with friends, or share special moments with your partner. Don't hesitate to share your experience with us on Facebook, tell us what your favorite romantic novel is and if you have any recommendations for others.