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Facts you may not have known about Leona Vicario, heroic woman in the Independence of Mexico

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Get to know some information about the life of Leona Vicario, a heroic woman who had a leading role in the Independence of Mexico.

How to take unforgettable pictures when you are able to travel again

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If you want to positively impact the eyes of your followers, you better practice and master basic tips to take unforgettable pictures.

How to Make Your Own Altar for Day of the Dead

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If you’re interested in making your own altar for Day of the Dead, here is a list of the basics so that you can honor your loved ones the way we do here in Mexico.

A Look Behind The Scenes of A Page in the Sun

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Learn a few fun facts about how it all got started

5 Ways You Can Participate in Saving Our Ocean

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Join in on a trending global movement to help our oceans!

Blissful Places in Puerto Vallarta to Settle Down with a Good Book

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Puerto Vallarta has all kinds of blissful spaces for you enjoy with a new book

The Impact of Reading on Developing Minds

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Instilling the love of books in your children’s heart and minds is one of the most amazing gifts you can give

There’s a Name for That? 3 Book Genres You Probably Have Never Heard Of

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We bet you didn’t know about these genres.

The Importance of Reading to Your Children

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Reading to your children is a fundamental part of their growth.

How to Create the Perfect Space to Read for Hours

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Setting up the perfect spot to enjoy reading