3 novels by Mexican writers that explore death

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Dia de Los Muertos is a deep-rooted Mexican tradition that honors the memory of loved ones who are no longer with us. It’s an annual celebration that sustains a

Coffee and Stories: The Perfect Combination to Celebrate International Coffee Day

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At A Page In The Sun, we celebrate International Coffee Day in a special way throughout the month of October.

A Literary Journey With Leonard Cohen

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He is a renowned musician, poet, and an influential singer-songwriter of the 20th century. From an early age, Cohen became interested in poetry

The affogato, dessert, or drink?

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Affogato comes from Italy and in it’s home country, it is considered a dessert. The word affogato means "drowned," referring to ice cream drowning in hot coffee

Irish Coffee: Legends, Film, and Literature

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Do you like Irish coffee? The combination of coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and whipped cream can be tempting on a rainy afternoon with a good book.

Angelo Moriondo: Celebrating his Birthday and his Impact on the World of Coffee

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On a day like today, many years ago, a notable figure in the history of coffee was born: Angelo Moriondo.

"Coffee and Cigarettes" - An Ode to Humanity

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In short, "Coffee and Cigarettes" is a film that celebrates humanity in all its facets: joy, sadness, loneliness, friendship, empathy, and love.

World Atlas of Coffee by James Hoffmann

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In his book "World Atlas of Coffee", the renowned expert James Hoffmann takes us on a fascinating journey through the origins, varieties, and production process

Discover the art of preparing coffee with the authentic Italian coffee maker

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In a world full of capsules and famous brands, the time has come to rediscover the pleasure of enjoying authentic coffee.

The Houses of Famous Writers.

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Throughout history, many writers have left their mark on the world of literature. These "wizards" of words build their works (usually) in their intimate spaces