Get to know the 7 benefits of writing an emotional journal

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Here are 7 benefits of writing an emotional journal, so you can run and get your favorite notebook and start today.

Facts you may not have known about Leona Vicario, heroic woman in the Independence of Mexico

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Get to know some information about the life of Leona Vicario, a heroic woman who had a leading role in the Independence of Mexico.

How to take unforgettable pictures when you are able to travel again

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If you want to positively impact the eyes of your followers, you better practice and master basic tips to take unforgettable pictures.

10 Facts That Will Make You Love Coffee Even More

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We present 10 facts about coffee that will make you love it and enjoy it even more.

10 tips to take on life after quarantine

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Once the quarantine is over, you may want to go out and do a million things. Here we share 10 tips to address the transition to the post-quarantine life.

3 Essential Books on Emotional Intelligence

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Undoubtedly, having a wide reserve of Emotional Intelligence is essential to overcome difficult moments.

3 Autobiographies of Female Writers That You Cannot Not Miss

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Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of autobiographies and meet the exciting experiences of 3 women writers.

5 Romantic Novels to Read During the Month of Love

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Enjoy February, the month of love, with a good romantic novel and get caught up in the stories of its characters.

7 New Healthy Habits for The New Year and Decade

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A list of 7 new healthy habits you can implement in your life for a healthy, happy new year and decade.

Read More Books: The Importance of Making Time for Reading

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Not only does reading exercise your brain, but it has also been proven to be a crucial part of emotional intelligence and self-expression development for children and adults alike.