Three Books To Read This Summer

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Our recommendations of books to read this summer. These 3 books offer many themes. From goofy misadventures to mystery and suspense.

The Famous Puerto Vallarta ArtWalk

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The fabulous Puerto Vallarta Artwalk is the best way to get to know the vast art scene in the city. Featuring 15 galleries, each unique in its own way.

The Importance of World Book Day and How to Celebrate

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What is World Book Day and why is it so important? Find out more about why we celebrate our authors and how you can join in on the fun.

Get To Know The Art Galleries Of Puerto Vallarta

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A quick briefing on some of the art galleries around the Puerto Vallarta area.

World Book Day: some great benefits of reading

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There are many benefits of reading that maybe you didn´t know about, but every time you browse through text, you take advantage of them without even knowing.

Books to reach happiness

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Maybe it's closer than you imagine... Maybe it's just a matter of letting yourself be carried away by the flow...

Boost of Your Creativity with These Tips

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When creativity accompanies us, we feel safe and happy. Other times, creativity simply leaves without saying goodbye. ¡Boost of your creativity!

Five of the best books of 2020

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Here is a selection of five titles, based on the Vanity Fair list, with very diverse themes so that you start the year with interesting proposals.

Coffee Consumption In Times Of Home Office

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Here are some tips to improve the way you drink this beverage, which is so important in our "nine-to-five lives”, and to enrich your work experience at home.

Enjoy horror and suspense narratives of the authors most recommended by readers

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Enjoy this selection this season or any other time you want to be shaked by the most macabre, delusional and mysterious stories.